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I found this great article from Essential Survival :

You’re Prescription for Natural Headache Relief

I have seen a lot of people over the years with headaches.   Since I family who struggled with chronic migraines, I have a personal vendetta against headaches of all types.

While mainstream medicine’s remedies can help kill the pain of some headaches for some people, they rarely get to the root of the problem.  Not only that, they are less than ideal for regular use due to their toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.  And of course, the more you are able to take care of your medical issues yourself, the better prepared you will be for any potential disaster.

If you are sick and tired of headaches, I challenge you to try the solutions I outline below.

Get Rid of Headache in 4 Simple Steps –

Whatever type of headache you suffer from, you can find relief that I’ve found almost always works immediately or within minutes!

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To Sum it Up:

1) Essential Oils –

Sinus headachesPeppermint or Purification

Apply 1-2 topically over sinuses.

Tension or Migraine headaches**Peppermint**, Lavender, or  PanAway .

Apply 1-2 drops topically on area of pain.  PanAway can also be put into homemade gelatin capsules, diluted with a carrier oil, and used internally for severe pain.

Hormonal Headaches — use Progessence Plus

2) Reflexology

Reflexology is the principle that there are areas in the hands and the feet that correspond with all the organs, systems, and parts of the body, and that working these areas on the feet and hands can contribute to increased blood and nerve supply in the body.

Sinus headaches — Firmly massage the fingers, toes, and balls of feet paying particular attention to any sore areas.

Tension headaches — Firmly massage the fingers, toes, and reflexes for the spine and neck (up the arches of both feet from the heels to the tops of the big toes), and reflexes for the  solar plexus and pituitary (see chart below).

Migraine headaches — Massage the areas indicated above for tension headaches, adding the kidney reflexes to the protocol.

3) Acupressure

Acupressure is the art of pressing so-called acu-points along energy meridians in the body, and is part of the Chinese system of medicine.  When these areas are stimulated, it can release blocked energy and can help alleviate unpleasant symptoms including headaches.

Sinus headaches — Using firm pressure applied with the thumb or index finger, hold each of these points for several seconds one-by-one making sure to get both sides of the body.


St3, LI20, B2

General for all types of headaches

LI4 (see picture above)

Liv2, Liv3, GB41

4) Take a breather — get some fresh air, pure water, take a break from the stress

Effective, natural headache relief comes through a combination of common-sense habits and knowing and implementing a few powerful secrets.

Now that you know what those secrets are, you will be empowered to get rid of most any headache.  =)

Please comment and let me know how it works for you!


*If you are suffering from a headache of unusual severity or any other worrisome symptoms, please contact your health care provider.  In rare cases, headache may be a sign of a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Via: essentialsurvival

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