Top 8 Reasons Why You Need to Be as Independent From the Health Care System as Possible

 I have seen people spend years of there life partially-disabled with illness.  It was during that time that I gained a greater appreciation for health.  It was during that time that my entire understanding of health and health care was turned on its head.  And it was at that time that I realized just how vulnerable we would be if there were to be a natural disaster or an economic collapse and if we couldn’t get daily access to the drugs needed just to have a hope of functioning.

In the “prepper” realm, we have long heard about the importance of getting a first aid kit together.  It could save lives, we have been told.  We have been told right.  But what so many neglect to discuss is the importance of getting healthy now and freeing ourselves from dependence on the Western medical system if we hope to survival any long-term disaster or collapse we could face.

After people spending years of emptying their pockets (and sometimes there parents’) going to doctors, getting every blood test under the sun in hopes of finding a “diagnosis” and a magic pharmaceutical “cure”, and also trying numerous natural solutions (some of which ended up working ) and drastically changing  lifestyle, I feel I have something to say about health and true healing.  And while I believe integrative medicine is the ideal, where holistic and lifestyle components of health and the technological advances of Western medicine come together, there may come a day where we may not have that option.   To be truly prepared, I believe we must act now to become as free from the mainstream health care system as possible.

Here are the top 8 reasons why –

1.  Western medicine’s emphasis is on high-cost, high-intervention, and high-risk treatments (drugs and surgery). 

We spend more on health care in our nation than any other and yet have a worse outcome than most other industrialized nations.  Our emphasis on drugs and surgery is to blame.  It is estimated that Western medicine kills 783,936 people in the U.S. each year.  Most of these deaths are due to taking prescription drugs as directed and botched surgeries.

2.  Teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle — the FOUNDATION for health — is mostly an afterthought in Western medicine.  Not only that, the information given on a “healthy” lifestyle is incomplete at best, incorrect at worst.

While doctors certainly know more than I do about surgery, drugs, diagnostics, and a number of other things, I have been flabbergasted time after time at how little they know about true principles of health and wellness!  The low-fat diet doctors have promoted as a side-note to their prescriptions for heart and diabetes drugs have not only not halted the progression of heart disease and diabetes but in many cases have done the opposite!  And have you ever heard of an oncologist who advises his patients to try anything other than chemo, radiation, or surgery except when he believes these options are clearly untenable?

3.  The dysfunctional system supports Big Pharma, Big Agri-Business, GMO’s from Monsanto — all things that are significant contributors to poor health.  The FDA Watchdogs are in bed with the very people they are supposed to watch.  Medical schools have become little more than indoctrination centers funded by Big Pharma. 

When was the last time your doctor warned you about genetically-modified foods, vaccines, pesticides in our food supply, artificial sweeteners, microwave ovens, or fluoride in the water?  That’s what I thought.  There aren’t even that many who will tell you to avoid McDonald’s and processed foods!

4.  One dirty little secret you will probably not hear about from your doctor (but which, shockingly enough, the head of the World Health Organization herself has admitted) is that right now we are facing the end of modern medicine as we know it.  

It’s true.  Because of antibiotic overuse and increasingly rampant antibiotic-resistant Superbugs, we are facing a time in the not-so-distant future where people could die from a scratched knee or strep throat.

5.  Many of us are able to see through the economic propaganda telling us that America’s economy is doing just fine and can see the writing on the wall that someday we will pay for our lack of economic discipline.  We know we could be facing an economic collapse and meltdown of magnificent proportions.  If such a collapse were to take place (ie when it takes place), medicines and healthcare will be scarce to all except to the elite.

The #1 cause of death in an economic collapse is projected to be lack of access to prescription drugs.

Add ObamaCare into the mix, and things suddenly gets much worse –

6.  Once ObamaCare is fully implemented in 2014, a small “Super-Committee” of 20-30 individuals led by the “Health Choices Commissioner” will be the ones to make all the calls on what treatments are covered by the forced health insurance system for any given condition for every person in America!!!  Your doctor will be forced to follow their recommendations, even against his/her better judgment.

The drugs and surgeries recommended by the “Health Choices Commissioner” will do little to get the real causes of disease, but enslave everyone who participates in the system to a life of dependence on drugs and the only ones who can administer those drugs — themselves!

Gone will be the days of massage and alternative care covered by health insurance.  Health Savings Accounts are already allowing less and less for these things even now!  Poor foods (with GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, nutritionally-depleted foods, and factory-farmed animals), a stressful lifestyle, contaminated water (ie flouride), contaminated air (ie chemtrails and more), lack of adequate exercise or rest, dysfunctional thought patterns (encouraged by our media), lack of close ties, and other root causes of disease will continue to go ignored as they mostly are in our current system today.

7.  Healthcare rationing will be another result of ObamaCare.  Babies, children, and people “over the hill” will be at the greatest risk of experiencing long waits to get a gallbladder removed or a hip replaced.   Chances are the disabled will be hung out to dry in the name of efficiency.

No matter how many times officials try to “debunk” this one, common sense says that if you increase demand but not supply of any given product or service, it will become more scarce.  The trend of leaving disabled or sickly babies to die that has taken place in the UK could spread here.

8.  And last but not least, the possibility of overarching control with ObamaCare is another major reason to get as free of the system as you can. 

You better believe they will force you to comply with the actions they deem appropriate — from getting vaccines to who-knows-what — in order for you to quality for health care.  If you want to be free from that control, you will have to be free from the system — plain and simple!


There is much cause for hope — the vast majority of us will never face an illness or condition that makes us truly dependent on Western medicine if we arm ourselves with knowledge, are willing to undergo significant lifestyle changes, take precautions now to be our own doctors as much as we can, and band with like-minded individuals with specialized knowledge whom we can draw upon if need be.

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