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For those of you who are interested in amateur radio, there’s a new online weekly show about ham radio on TWIT.tv called HAM Nation.  Here’s the information on the show from their site: “HAM Nation is the new TWIT show about ham radio. Bob Heil, with various co-hosts and guests will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio – from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters. HAM Nation airs live each Tuesday at 6:00 PT/ 9:00ET

The shows are every Tuesday (yeah, that was last night–sorry for the late notice!) at 6:00 Pacific and the first show was May 24th, so there have been three shows already.  The good thing is that they are available for download after the show, so it’s okay if you miss some of them.  You can download just audio or high or low resolution video.  So if you’re a ham operator, or if you’re wanting to learn more about it or get some refresher information, tune in and get some education on one of the best forms of emergency communication.  Thanks to North Mountain for the heads up about this show!  I have a ham license, but only a vague idea how all the radio stuff works, so it has been really fun and informative watching these shows.  Now I’m wanting to build some antennas . . . in all my spare time. 😉


Even if a Ham Nation show is missed, it is available both as a videocast or podcast on the TWiT site at any time.


Choose the show you want to watch/hear from the list and then enjoy. Thus far, show number 2 was especially good as it featured a Ham that went to help in Joplin, MO right after the May 2011 tornado.

By the way, the TWiT owner, Leo Leporte said he is going to take all the training and tests to get all three ham licenses, Technician, General and Extra, as part of the show as time goes on.

Hopefully, his example will encourage a lot of other folks to get their licenses too.


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