How to Cook Dandelion Roots

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Dandelion is one of the most recognizable and widespread edible plants.  You know that weed that pops up in your yard every spring with its sunny yellow flowers?  That lovely yellow flower that then turns into a ball of fluff attached to seeds that get blown across the yard/town/nation by the wind and small children?  Well, they are not just weeds; the entire dandelion plant is edible.  Here is how to cook dandelion roots.

1. Gather dandelions.  Be sure you are gathering from a source that has not been sprayed with herbicide.  Younger dandelions are best as the older roots can become woody.  The dandelion usually has one long tap root, so you may need to dig down a bit to get as much of the root out as possible.

2.  Wash and trim.  Trim off the plant tops and any small side roots.

3.  Peel the roots.  You can peel them with a sharp knife, or peel them like beets using the boiling water method.  Put the roots in boiling water for about 2 minutes, then remove them and put them in cold water.  Then the peels slip off easily.

Peeling with a knife

Slipping peels off after boiling/cooling

Peels separated from roots using boiling method

4.  Cut them into pieces if desired.  You can slice them into button sized pieces or leave them long, whatever is more appetizing to you.  If the roots are woody, I would suggest leaving them long and then you can strip the tender part of the root off the outside of the woody core as you eat them.

5.  Boil the roots 7-10 minutes until they are soft.

6.  Season and serve warm.  I put salt, pepper, and butter on mine.

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