LIVE Video of Riots. Fires, Police Clash in Baltimore – Live Links – Watch Now

AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of widespread rioting and vandalism in downtown Baltimore, MD over one hour ago with the following message sent to their mobile device: 

“Widespread rioting and vandalism in downtown Baltimore, MD. Avoid the area.” (Live Video Link below) 

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC & the rest of the media is NOT covering this live and is keeping the rest of the country distracted with coverage of the White House Correspondents Dinner and Nepal earthquake. 

ONLY Local news in Baltimore is covering this with live video, helicopters and reporters on the street.  (We have the Live Video link to th is for you below) 

Would you like to be part of the people who KNOW about these things before and as they happen? Would you like to be kept informed of the important threats to your safety?  Join AlertsUSA TONIGHT (special tonight only) 

Now is the time to get AlertsUSA, We have a special discount RIGHT NOW as long as the riots are happening, so you have to get it Tonight.

Watch Baltimore Burn LIVE NOW:




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Via: threatjournal

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