“Martial Law” declared in Oklahoma!

Were you paying attention to the news of last week’s
devastating tornado in Moore, OK?

I ask, because there’s a “hidden story” few people picked up

You see, during emergencies like this, it’s heart-warming
and patriotic to see people from all over respond to the
emergency and come to help out with the search, rescue, and

But what happens when a thousand people show up to an area
struck by disaster to help out… and they have no

Volunteers were turned away because frankly, there isn’t
enough food, lodging, or water available to handle everyone.

Local communities responded to their needs though… by
price gouging on everything from lodging to bottled water!

What does this mean to you?

Well, even if you’re not affected by the eye of a storm (or
other disaster), you can still be the victim of a loss of
local resources such as food and water as these supplies are
sucked up by responders and volunteers swarming into your

They’ve even declared “martial law” in the Moore, OK area  

due to looting, and there may be a time where it’s better  

for you and your loved ones to “get out of Dodge” for a  

while and retreat to somewhere away from the chaos.

Maybe this is the time to do a self-evaluation and see how
you would have fared if you lived near Moore, OK this past
week, eh?

Just a few things to review now…

*  Is your home well-stocked with dry goods (food) and a
way to purify water for when the grocery store shelves
go empty?

*  Is your vehicle gas tank always filled for when the gas
stations lose power (or triple their prices)?

*  Do you have a “bug-out bag” ready to go with the
critical survival gear you need to evacuate if needed?

(Bug-Out Bag Instructions)

I’m sure a lot of Moore residents and local community
members are wishing they’d been better prepared.

Learn from their mistakes.

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