National Situation Update- 3/16/2020

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a series of dramatic executive orders today to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These actions are to be enforced by police and the National Guard.

According to WBAL-TV he ordered the following social distancing measures.

  • shut down all bars, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, effectively starting at 5 p.m. Monday. Drive through and carry out services will be allowed to continue.
  • Following CDC guidelines, settings of 50 of more individuals will be prohibited across the state, including social and recreational events and religious and sports gatherings. (source)

These measures will be strongly enforced. Anne Arundel First Alert reports:

Hogan says State Troopers and National Guard will enforce orders saying “We’re not playing around anymore.” “Emergency orders will carry the full force of the law,” Hogan re-iterated.

“We have never faced anything like this before, said Hogan. He continued, citing “Drastic actions” being taken right now. He warned Marylanders the orders may seem scary and may sound extreme, it is absolutely necessary. (source)

Hogan has ordered the activation of 250 State Troopers for emergency service, 400 Army and Air National Guard, and 1000 more MD National Guard. As well, 1200 Maryland guardsmen are on enhanced readiness status if they are needed.

They will also increase medical resources and provide financial relief.

As well, any hospitals that have been closed will be re-opened to increase the capacity in the state by 6000 beds. They will also allow doctors and nurses with out-of-state licenses to practice in Maryland.

For those who may be financially struggling, the following orders were put in place:

  • Essential services such as grocery stores, banks and gas stations will be allowed to remain open.
  • The executive order prohibits utilities, such as electric, gas, water, sewage, cable, internet and phone lines, to be cut off nor incur late fees.
  • Evictions have been prohibited.
  • Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon has applied for a Federal waiver to provide three meals a day plus a snack to those who need it. Statewide, 138 centers already up and operating. Visit to find all participating locations. (source)

To some degree, this answers our questions about whether or not utilities will remain working. It appears that governments will try to keep things like power, water, and internet running as normally as possible for as long as possible.

How long with these extreme measures last?

According to Gov. Hogan, “It is impossible to know how long this threat will continue.”

This shows you how fast things can change.

These announcements were made at 11 o’clock Monday morning and take effect this afternoon at 5 pm. Our situation is extremely fluid and you can expect things to change rapidly. 


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf orders statewide shutdown of most non-essential businesses to help curb the spread of coronavirus.


Canadian PM Trudeau: Canada banning entry to most non-residents except US citizens. Calls for citizens abroad to return to Canada. AlertsUSA monitoring..


Supplemental Info:

Measures announced in ongoing press conference.



NY / CT / NJ Joint Action: At 8PM TONIGHT, gatherings of 50 ppl max, rest/bars move to takeout/delivery only, gyms, theaters, casinos closed.



LA Mayor halts evictions; orders closing of all entertainment sites, incl bars, nightclubs, theaters, gyms, and arcades. Urges places of worship to close.



NYC Mayor: Effective Tuesday 9AM, nightclubs, movie theaters, small theater houses, & concert venues must close. Restaurants limited to takeout & delivery.


Supplemental Info:

Statement From Mayor de Blasio on Bars,
Restaurants, and Entertainment Venues

March 15, 2020

“Our lives are all changing in ways that were unimaginable just a week ago. We are taking a series of actions that we never would have taken otherwise in an effort to save the lives of loved ones and our neighbors. Now it is time to take yet another drastic step. The virus can spread rapidly through the close interactions New Yorkers have in restaurants, bars and places where we sit close together. We have to break that cycle.

“Tomorrow, I will sign an Executive Order limiting restaurants, bars and cafes to food take-out and delivery. Nightclubs, movie theaters, small theater houses, and concert venues must all close. The order will go into effect Tuesday, March 17 at 9:00 AM.

“This is not a decision I make lightly. These places are part of the heart and soul of our city. They are part of what it means to be a New Yorker. But our city is facing an unprecedented threat, and we must respond with a wartime mentality.

“We will come through this, but until we do, we must make whatever sacrifices necessary to help our fellow New Yorkers.”
[email protected]
(212) 788-2958



New guidance from the CDC recommends canceling or postponing in-person events of 50 or more ppl nationwide for the next 8 weeks. See your email for more info.


Supplemental Info:

Get Your Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events Ready

Interim Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


CA Gov Newsom calls for closure of all bars, nightclubs, brewpubs and wineries. Restaurants will remain open at reduced capacity. Those 65+ told to self-isolate.


Supplemental Info:

Directives announced during ongoing news conference.



Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



Via: threatjournal

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