Our City Water Supplies Aren’t As Secure As You May Think

Security around national water reservoirs may not be as safe as we thought:

In a time where people talk all the time about droughts, 21 year old Josh Seater has cost the city of Portland Oregon 8 million gallons of drinking water.

After a night on the town, a heavily intoxicated Seater began urinating a water reservoir.  “I didn’t know it was a water supply, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, I thought it was a sewage plant”.

The cost of Josh’s drunken behavior has cost the Portland Water Bureau $36,000, as the 8 million gallons have had to be completely drained away.

The incident caught on CCTV at around 1.30am on Thursday morning has outraged locals, especially in light of the fact that no criminal convictions have yet been bought against Seater, although there is the possibility of some further action down the line.

Source: News Flavor

While TSA gaterapes grannies in diapers at our local airports and steams ahead on expanding enhanced pat-downs and searches to all public venues including train stations, sporting events and malls, the real security holes are completely ignored.

Considering that hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens invade our Southern border unabated every year, the majority of our national power grid is four decades old and susceptible to long-term region-wide outages from ex-planetary and man-made threats, foreign nations hack our defense networks on a regular basis, and financial terrorists have manipulated our economy to near complete collapse, it makes one wonder what, exactly, the purpose is for the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on our so-called national security infrastructure over the course of the last ten years.

We are of the opinion that if a twenty one year old college drunkard is capable of breaching the security perimeter of an entire city’s drinking water and subsequently relieving himself, then the security for which Americans are being forced to sacrifice their liberty is a complete fraud.

Given that reservoir water has already been chlorinated and is awaiting direct use by residents of a city, how difficult would it be for an organization intent on killing Americans to bypass CCTV cameras and poison the water supply without anyone knowing until it is too late?


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