Prepper Priorities–Feet

As preppers we often spend hours upon hours putting together our bug out bags and battle plans in the event we need to rely on them in a SHTF situation. However when it comes to discussing prepper priorities, one of the first areas we should consider is our feet. Taking care of our feet should be at, or close to, the top of the prepper priorities list. Many of us have plans in place that include bugging out via automobile or by some other method of transportation, a bicycle, a horse, or what have you. Even though this is what we would like to use as our primary method of evacuation, several problems could arise that compromise the original escape vehicle and/or route, in which case we will undoubtedly be left to forge forward on nothing more than our own two feet. When all else fails, our feet, our desire to survive and our ability to function will be the only things we have available to us to get us to where we want to be.


“Living and thinking on your feet also means knowing how to look after your feet. In the army, foot protection and hygiene is taken very seriously. Even something so small as a blister can incapacitate a man and leave him unable to walk for days – or even weeks if the wound gets infected. This is something which a prepper simply cannot run the risk of. Without the use of our feet we will become vulnerable to attack, and will be less able to find food and shelter, let alone escape from hazardous situations.”

As a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces I can attest to the fact that feet are a top priority for any and all infantrymen and soldiers. Although these individuals may not subscribe to a survivalist mentality in the same sense that we do, this aspect is still at the top of their prepper priorities list. The military has learned over the course of history and battlefield environments, that a soldier with bad feet is an ineffective tool for winning a war. As part of your prepper priorities it would be wise to develop a care program to take care of those little piggies.


“Looking after your feet in an emergency situation will be much easier if you’ve developed the habit beforehand. Make caring for your feet part of your daily routine – invest in clean socks, wash your feet daily and make sure that you are wearing shoes which support both your feet and ankles. This won’t weaken your feet. Instead, it will help to ensure that your feet and ankles don’t sustain any injuries which might slow you down when the SHTF.”

Your feet should be looked at as if they were the only option available for ensuring your safe passage from home to safe haven. You may have other prepper priorities you consider to be important and rightfully so, but your feet are what is going to keep you mobile in the worst of situations, so start taking care of them now.

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