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Pocket Survival Kit contest – Entry #6

This one fits into the inside pocket of the  pouch I always  have on my belt, along with  an LED flashlight, A Gerber multitool, a stainless Kobalt-brand ‘snap-off’ utility knife, a plastic spork, a disposable butane lighter, some bank-line and a non-climbing-rated snap-link.  This goes with me everywhere –   to work-meetings in a suit, to the grocery store, camping/fishing/hunting.
I never leave home with it (and the stuff in my wallet,  and on my keychain, my folding knife (a Spyderco Resilience ) and my phone).

This isn’t intended as a Bug-Out  or TEOTWAKI kit, but rather, for having the  supplies at hand for dealing with everyday annoyances and emergencies.

 An Altoids tin, with 2 layers of duck tape on top, bottom and side, both as extra tape,  and to prevent accidental top-disconnection. Held shut with a covered hair rubber band (yes, I’m an old computer-guy with long hair) and 2 wide ‘broccoli-bunch’ rubber bands.


2 8″ cable ties
approx. 10′ braided mason twine, in a ‘survival bracelet’ braid to save space
1 small graphite pencil, wrapped with about 2 feet of duck tape and 2-3 feet of PVC tape
approx. 18″ annealed copper wire, coiled  (instant hose clamp, if nothing else)
1 P-38 can opener, with another 8′ or so of braided mason twine braid attached
1 #11 X-Acto knife blade, sheathed with PVC tape
1 #10 sterile scalpel blade (sealed in package)
2 adhesive first aid strip bandages
2 adhesive butterly bandages
1 packet “Celox” blood coagulant (supposedly safer than QuikClot)
1 unlubed condom  (water container or pressure wrapper or first aid safety barrier)
small zip-bag with 2 aspirin, 2 ibuprofen, 1 “pink stomach distress” tablet
3 sealed allergy decongestant tablets (I have respiratory allergies)
1 fairly-large sewing needle, wrapped with approx 12″ waxed dental floss
assorted large and small steel paperclips (thin stiff wire has a lot of uses)
5 safety pins  (ever rip your pants?)
1 fine “eyeglasses” screwdriver (from a Dollar Store eyeglass repair kit)
small zip bag of eyeglass screws (from a Dollar Store eyeglass repair kit)
1 small plastic magnifying lens, cut down (from a Dollar Store eyeglass repair kit)
1 1″ stainless ‘chain-repair-connector’ link (threaded type)
1 alcohol prep-swab
1 packet “WetFire” brand dry tinder
1 packet “Pork Flavor” instant broth (from a Maruchan brand Ramen package – my fave)

 belt pouch.

 Never had to use the Celox coagulant yet (and hope I never will). The tinder has so far only been used to help inexperienced campers, or bad backyard cooks. Everything else has been used (and replaced, if needed) over the past few years, at least once.  I have had laughter about “Is that a man-purse on your belt?”, which tended to stop when something in it saved THEIR bacon.

Things I am still trying to cram in successfully:

1) monofilament or braided ‘spiderwire’ fishing line, sinkers, hooks, at least 1 prepared lure
2) at least 1 wood spring clothespin (dry a sock, hang a note, split for dry kindling, a steel spring)
3) a larger sterile gauze dressing
4) an ‘extra’ firesteel (1 on keychain)
5) “extra-extra”  house and car keys (1 set in wallet)
7) a waterproof sealing method
8) I have some thin ‘bungee’ shock cord from a broken tent-pole. I may replace
one of the rubber bands.

Not my only kit, but it gets a lot of use, at least once a week, because it is always ‘right there’.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: teotwawkiblog

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