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Just yesterday afternoon I sent my son on a search for 3 AAA batteries for my headlamp. It was time for my CERT class and I wanted to make sure I had a bright work light after sundown.

Eventually he found the batteries, and therein lies the problem with almost every emergency light source in the house. Batteries.

They die and need to be replaced, which requires a steady stream of purchases. If they’re re-chargeable, they have to be charged — when you remember to charge them!

The answer to this dilemma is a light source that never requires batteries, and that would be UVPaqlite.

Products from UVPaqlite never need batteries. Not ever. From their GloStick to their UVO Necklace, their products provide a constant, steady glow for many hours, far longer than any glow stick.

How does it work?

Each UVPaqlite product is made of a combination of 3 all-natural elements, strontium, aluminum, and europium. These elements are safe and there’s no worry if children handle them. In fact, they’ll go nuts over the magical lights, which is why I highly recommend the UVO Necklace or UV GloStick in every kid’s emergency kit.

The natural elements combine to create a glowing light when exposed to a light source. That source can be just a minute in the sun, a couple of minutes exposed to a flashlight, or 10 minutes in ambient light. The more intense the source, the quicker the charge.

Once charged, the UVPaqlite is ready to go. When they aren’t in use, the glow will diminish, so I recommend hanging one on the outside of an emergency kit or backpack, so it’s charged when you need it. I keep one right by my computer monitor for those nights when I’m burning the midnight oil and need just a bit of light.

A different Paqlite for different needs

UVPaqlite is a small, family owned business, and over the years they have developed a wide variety of products based on this unique, patent pending technology.

The UVO Necklace is particularly good for kids and pets. Attach it to your dog’s collar when you’re in the wilderness, and they’ll be easy to spot. Attach the necklace to the zipper pull on an emergency kit, tuck it into your kid’s school backpack, and place one by their bedside for an always-ready nightlight. As of this writing, the UVO Necklace is just $4.95 each.

I own one of the large UVPaqlites. This is a flattened, sealed bag that has more surface area than a glo sticks and can provide a broader area of light. One of these is handy in a tent, and rolled up, it takes up very little room. I keep mine in the glove compartment of the Tahoe, and it’s been a good light source within that small area.

When the power’s out in the neighborhood, it’s amazing how dark it can be. Even maneuvering around a familiar house can become a challenge. Glow in the Dark Spots (GIDS) can be attached anywhere to provide illumination along a hallway (place them a couple of feet apart along the baseboard), on each step on a staircase, or anywhere in the house where there’s a step up or a step down into another room. The last thing you need on such a night is a sprained ankle!

Is the flashlight extinct?

You’ll still want a good LED flashlight in your emergency kit and around the house for times when a bright spotlight is needed. UVPaqlite products provide a constant, steady glow useful for overall, ambient lighting. But unlike the flashlight, these will never need batteries and can be reused over and over again. A single purchase will provide a light source that will be handy and ready for use indefinitely.

Check it out in person!

I bought my UVPaqlites last year at a prepper expo in California. You can find the UVPaqlite at survival and prepper events around the country. Click here to see their current schedule.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: thesurvivalmom

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