U.S. Refuses Close Boarders when Every Country in Africa that has stopped Ebola did so

As the federal government refuses to take the necessary steps we need to take to protect the public from Ebola, a number of West African countries have either stopped the disease or limited its spread; they did so by closing their borders.

Health officials in West Africa are crediting tight border patrols for limiting the spread of Ebola to only five countries. Both Sengal and Nigeria have successfully stopped the spread of Ebola in their countries by isolating all Ebola patients, and closing down their borders to countries with active cases of Ebola. In fact, the World Health Organization on Friday will declare the end of the disease in Senegal if no new cases show up.

Nigeria, another country that has managed to stop the spread of Ebola inside their borders, has had no new cases since Aug. 31st. This is after 20 cases and eight deaths were tied to a Liberian-American who flew from Liberia to Lagos in July.

While our country refuses to stop air travel from the affected countries, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, all of which share borders with at least one of the three most affected countries, have closed their borders and stopped the spread of Ebola.

A number of African Countries have started restricting Air Travel

Authorities in South Africa and Zambia have enforced strict air travel restrictions. Kenya Airways, the country’s main airline, stopped flying to any country with an active case of Ebola.

Countries that have implemented Ebola-related travel restrictions:

  • Gambia has banned the entry of flights from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
  • Gabon has banned the entry of flights and ships from countries affected by Ebola.
  • Senegal has banned flights from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. They have also closed their land border with Guinea, and closed their sea and air borders to vessels and aircraft from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • Cameroon has banned flights to and from Nigeria.
  • Chad has suspended all flights from Nigeria.
  • Namibia has blocked all foreigners traveling from countries affected by Ebola from entering the country.
  • Nigeria has suspended flights to the country operated by Gambian national carrier Gambia Bird.
  • Equatorial Guinea is denying entry to any traveler who originated in countries affected by Ebola.
  • Mauritius banned entry to all travelers who have visited Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Senegal and Congo (DRC) in the last two months.
  • South Sudan has placed a ban on travelers coming from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia or Congo (DRC), or those who have traveled to those countries in the previous 21 days.

Airlines that have restricted flights to Ebola-affected countries:

  • Air France suspended flights to Sierra Leone.
  • Asky Airlines has suspended flights to and from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • Arik Air (Nigeria), Gambia Bird and Kenya Airways have suspended services to Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • British Airways has extended their suspension of flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone until December 31, 2014.
  • Emirates Airlines has suspended flights to Guinea.
  • Senegal Airlines has suspended flights to and from Conakry (Guinea) until further notice.
  • Korean Air suspended flights to and from Kenya.


When so many countries in Africa start restricting air travel and closing down borders, we need to really start asking why our government won’t.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.




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