Under-the-bed stored food now easily accessible

In a recent conversation with a older man, he commented that he had purchased oil drip pans for their food storage. He explained these were the type of drip pans, or trays, used to catch dripping oil from underneath a vehicle.

Intrigued, I asked him to explain how on earth these trays helped with food storage. Well, it turns out that their new home has very little storage space. Since neither he nor his wife fancy trying to fish loose, individual containers of food from under their bed, they’ve placed their stored items on these trays and then just slide them under for storage and back out again when they want to use the food.

How smart!

You can get these trays in varying sizes and could place them in horizontal rows under a bed on each side for easiest access. Also, you could organize the items on each tray so you wouldn’t spend time on your hands and knees locating what you need.

They also make Under-Bed Storage Boxes but they are normally plastic and not supper heavy duty. The trays above a easy and slide nice on carpet.

I am sure others have come up with ways to store under the small space of a bed.

Share your thoughts.

Hope this tip helps you maximize the empty space under beds!

Via: thesurvivalmom

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