With Rulers in Hand, the “Grass Police” Threaten Lazy Texas Homeowners

Tell me this isn’t crazy…

While the border of Texas and Mexico is being overrun with illegal immigrants, government officials in the town of Abilene, Texas are going around neighborhoods making sure that grass meets the government mandated length requirements.

That’s right, government officials are using taxpayer money to drive through neighborhoods, ruler in hand, to make sure that home owners keep their grass at the government required height.


If homeowners don’t keep their lawns manicured and up to spec with code, they’re then issued letters that threaten them to cut their grass — or else.

And get this. If a homeowner doesn’t act quickly enough, he’ll be issued a class C misdemeanor.

Fittingly, the town has come up with “Zero-Tolerance Week” from July 22-26. If the homeowners don’t have the grass within the margins expected by the town, they can receive a penalty up to $500.00.

On top of that, the town will hire contractors to come and take care of the grass, then charge the homeowner a fee for that as well.

It’s a shocking move, but unfortunately it’s one Americans are used to seeing.

What used to be a country with freedom in abundance has turned into a country where you have to live within an inch of the law, or be penalized or criminalized if you don’t.

While illegals are allowed access to a host of amenities free of charge, Americans are trying to stay in compliance with thousands of onerous laws and cling to the little freedom they have left.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.







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