Wyoming drawing up doomsday bill to plan for the fall of the United States.

Wyoming state representatives have voted to create a doomsday government task force in the event the state must self-sufficiently operate during a national economic or political collapse.

Passing on its first reading, House Bill 85 would permit an investigation on issues like alternative currency, food distribution, a possible state military draft, and obtaining military aircraft. The bill faces two more House votes before it goes to the Senate for approval.

‘To put your head in the sand and think that nothing bad’s going to happen, and that we have no obligation to the citizens of the state of Wyoming to at least have the discussion, is not healthy,’ Rep Lorraine Quarberg, a Republican of Thermopolis said according to the Casper Star Tribune.

News of Wyoming’s economic doomsday preparations comes on the heels of a report released  that found that the United States may hit the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling “sooner than expected — and possibly around the November election.”

Via: dontgetbit

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