Determine Your Food and Communications Preparedness

Ninety percent of Americans will have no idea what to do the day they turn on their water faucet and nothing comes out; the day they go to the supermarket only to be greeted by metal bars; the day that obtaining gasoline is no longer as simple as heading to your local convenience store. These are the people who will succumb to a government-administered dystopia where you’re rationed food and water as long as you comply with Orwellian-type rules.

Technology will likely still be around in some capacity post-apocalypse because the New World Order has seen how effective it can be controlling the minds and thought processes of the people. But free souls will know how to survive mostly from the land and hand hard work.

Food And Water

During the Great Depression and World War II, the U.S. government issued ration books to all Americans. You could only buy a fixed amount of meat, sugar, and other goods from the supermarket in a given month due to massive food shortages. Many pundits and scholars believe World War III has already arrived due to all the conflicts in several Middle Eastern countries which Washington D.C. has its hand in.

The best option is to have a few acres of land somewhere far away from urban areas, preferably near a water source or a well. Now is the time to buy several pounds of heirloom seeds to grow vegetables and fruits. Properly stored seeds can last for up to 10 years. Storage options include rubber-sealed jars or freezing.

Create renewable food sources for yourself. It’s simple to catch a few wild rabbits in cage traps, build a fence, and allow them to mate, resulting in a renewable food source. This gives you a fresh meat source anytime you want it. Wild turkeys are also an excellent source of renewable meat.


It’s all but guaranteed cell phone and Internet use will be rationed and monitored. Your whole survival plan might be compromised once government and other unsavory individuals know where you are and what you have. Communication with others who are not in your immediate circle should be highly restricted and selective.

The U.S. military uses sat-com devices to communicate, so this technology will likely be available indefinitely, but that doesn’t guaranteed  that it will be  available for you during a crisis, and like everything else will be monitored. It’s best to purchase the equipment now so you have the tools necessary to tap into the signals necessary for two-way communication. Old-fashioned CB radios will always be around, and are cheap to purchase. Shortwave and HAM radio also provide a means of listening for news and other developments around the world without television.

Regardless of your communication method, power will be necessary to run them. Buy at least two deep-cycle golf cart batteries and an inverter so you always have at least some off-grid power. Learn how to wire a stationary bike to the batteries to charge them from pedal power.

You knock out two birds with one stone: get exercise and keep a charge in your batteries.



Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



Via :  thesurvivalistblog

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