Take a look at solar backpacks.

I’ve been kind of slow coming around to viewing solar backpacks as a survival necessity because I trend toward thinking in terms of worst case scenarios. In such a scenario, electronics will likely be completely worthless, but! We’re not there yet and may never be.

So, circling back around to the solar backpack, I started remembering all the times I was out and my cell phone battery was dead. Once, on a trip, my phone died at a critical moment, just as I was depending on the GPS to tell me which highway to take! At other times, I sure could have used a charge for my laptop for one reason or another.

Very often, we depend on electronics as a form of security. That’s why, when I seen a lovely sample solar backpack from BirkSun, I realized that it wasn’t just a luxury plaything but something that could really make a difference in an emergency.

You can check out BirkSun’s backpacks here and watch the video made recently about the high-end, fully equipped J. Bullivant backpack here. There are other brands out there and it’s worth comparing prices.

Yes, there could be an EMP that totally wipes out our electric grid from coast to coast, but until then I still want to be able to have a cell phone and other electronics that are charged when it matters most

Via: thesurvivalmom


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