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Election Day Bombing Thwarted


Oct 13, 2018


On Oct 10, the following related Flash SMS message was sent to AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

10/10 – NY man arraigned in federal court for manufacturing a ~200 lb explosive device for use in a Election Day bombing on the National Mall in DC. See email for more.

What You Need To Know

On Wednesday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of the arraignment of a New York man on charges of unlawfully manufacturing an a 200-pound bomb which he intended to detonate in a suicide attack on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Election Day next month. Paul Rosenfeld, 56, was arrested in Rockland County, New York after authorities received a tip from an unidentified individual.

According to the federal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Paul Rosenfeld, age 56, sent letters and text messages to an individual in Pennsylvania detailing his plans to build an explosive device and detonate it on November 6, 2018, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The suspect’s stated reason for these acts was to draw attention to his belief in “sortition,” a political theory which advocates that government officials should be selected by lottery rather than popular vote.

On Oct. 9, Rosenfeld’s car was pulled over. He agreed to answer questions and was taken to an unnamed police station where he was interviewed by the FBI, waiving his Miranda rights and answering questions.

Later that same day, federal law enforcement and conducted a search of Rosenfeld’s home In the basement, agents found what appeared to be a functional black powder-based explosive device weighing approximately 200 pounds. Rosenfeld is reported to have told law enforcement that components intentionally added to the device would ensure that he was killed in the blast.

Federal officials have locked this story down good, providing little additional information about the suspect, the extent of the plot or the involvement of accomplices.

As AlertsUSA regularly warns, American citizens should not grow complacent due to the current reduced tempo of domestic terror attacks.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the domestic and international threat environment and will immediately notify service subscribers, via SMS messages, of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.







10/11 – New Islamic State propaganda poster depicts armed jihadi and drone w/ package targeting Paris. English message reads; AWAIT FOR OUR SURPRISES. See email.

10/10 – Two dead, two injured in shooting at the Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, FL. Shooter at large. AlertsUSA monitoring…

10/9 – Hurricane resources, incl storm data, recovery and disaster assistance, and real-time road condition links sent via email.

10/8 – Michael now a CAT1 hurricane. Rapid strengthening to CAT3-4 by landfall Wed. SE AL, GA, FL Panhandle, Big Bend residents & interests should be preparing.

10/7 – FL Governor Scott has declared a state of emergency for counties in the Panhandle & Big Bend as TS Michael strengthens towards hurricane strength. See email.

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Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Hearing on Threats to the Homeland - ALLOW IMAGES

Thousands of Active Terror Investigations Underway Threat of Attacks Using Drones Very Real


Oct 13, 2018


What You Need To Know

On Wednesday of this week during testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on threats to the homeland, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that the Bureau’s agents are conducting thousands of terror investigations around the world.

“Right now, as I sit here, we’re currently investigating about 5,000 terrorism cases across America and around the world, and about a thousand of those cases are homegrown violent extremists and they are in all 50 states.”

He added that in the last year, the FBI has made hundreds of arrests of terrorism subjects and the threat of a large scale, big city attack still exists from groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, but homegrown violence is as prevalent as ever.

“The FBI assesses homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) are the greatest terrorism threat to the homeland. These individuals are global jihad-inspired individuals who are in the U.S., have been radicalized primarily in the U.S., and are not receiving individualized direction from foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs.) We, along with our law enforcement partners, face significant challenges in identifying and disrupting homegrown violent extremists. This is due, in part, to their lack of a direct connection with an FTO, an ability to rapidly mobilize, and the use of encrypted communications.

Another area of significant concern covered in Director Ray’s testimony dealt with the topic of drones.

“The threat from unmanned aircraft systems in the U.S. is steadily escalating. While we are working with FAA and other agencies to safely integrate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the national airspace system, the FBI assesses with high confidence that terrorists overseas will continue to use small UAS to advance nefarious activities and exploit physical protective measures. While there has been no successful malicious use UAS by terrorists in the United States to date, the FBI assesses that, given their retail availability, lack of verified identification requirement to procure, general ease of use, and prior use overseas, UAS will be used to facilitate an attack in the United States against a vulnerable target, such as a mass gathering. This risk has only increased in light of the publicity associated with the apparent attempted assassination of Venezuelan President Maduro using explosives-laden UAS.”

Senate Homeland Security and
Governmental Affairs Committee

Homeland Security Threats

Read FBI Director Wray’s Full Written Testimony.

Watch a Video of the Full Hearing.



Strategy for Protecting and Preparing the Homeland Against Threats of Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Disturbances - ALLOW IMAGES

Strategy for Protecting and Preparing the Homeland Against Threats of Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Disturbances

The Department of Homeland Security has announced the release of the Strategy for Protecting and Preparing the Homeland against Threats from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD).

The Strategy lays out a clear vision and an approach for DHS to take to protect critical infrastructure and prepare to respond and recover from potentially catastrophic electromagnetic incidents. The Strategy also reflects a consensus Intelligence Community assessment of the EMP threat posed by our nation’s adversaries.

Electromagnetic incidents caused by an intentional EMP attack or naturally-occurring GMD events, while unlikely, could cause serious damage to the nation’s critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid, communications equipment, and transportation capabilities.

While the Strategy is primarily focused on Departmental activities, it recognizes the importance of continued close collaboration with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial decision-makers, sector-specific agencies, and private sector critical infrastructure owner-operators. This partnership is essential to help critical infrastructure owners and operators to manage EMP and GMD risk.

The Department is currently developing an accompanying Implementation Plan, which will include measures that enable DHS to evaluate progress toward addressing identified capability gaps. Together, the Strategy and its companion Implementation Plan will improve the Department’s management oversight and optimize resource utilization for our EMP/GMD protection, response, and recovery activities.

View the DHS EMP/ GMD Strategy Document Here (PDF)



Espionage theme atop darkened Chinese flag - ALLOW IMAGES


Oct 13, 2018


FBI Director: China Is Bigger Counterintelligence Threat Than Russia

“China in many ways represents the broadest, most complicated, most long-term counterintelligence threat we face,” FBI Director Wray told the Senate Homeland Security Committee. “Russia is in many ways fighting to stay relevant after the fall of the Soviet Union. They’re fighting today’s fight. China’s is fighting tomorrow’s fight.” READ MORE HERE

In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training
from Disaster Relief to War

Not long ago, U.S. Army forces in the Pacific spent most of their training time preparing for humanitarian relief missions, evacuations from natural disasters, and efforts to build up allied security forces. Not anymore. Since President Donald Trump has come to office, the administration has issued a new National Security Strategy focused on the persistent potential for conflict with China and North Korea. The Army has shifted gears accordingly. READ MORE HERE

Can the Chinese Be Trusted to Lead Global Institutions?

The detention of Meng Hongwei, a high-ranking Chinese Communist Party and president of Interpol, shows that under Beijing’s increasingly confident global authoritarianism, serious questions arise about the fitness of any member of the Chinese Communist Party to serve in a leadership position in international organizations. READ MORE HERE

The Two Faces of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

At issue is what is called the two faces of AQAP: the domestic insurgency and the international terrorist organization. These two strands have always coexisted in AQAP, as they have for most terrorist groups. But the two are often conflated into one overall picture of the group. We hear AQAP and think of international terrorism, not the domestic insurgency. This failure by journalists, analysts, and officials to distinguish between AQAP’s two sides leads to a mistaken impression of the threat the group represents to the West. READ MORE HERE




U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Jade Woodend, assigned to Battalion Landing Team 3/1, fires a FIM-92 Stinger antiaircraft missile from the flight deck of the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) during a regularly scheduled deployment of Essex Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) and 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) in the Arabian Sea Oct. 7, 2018. - ALLOW IMAGES

World News Roundup


Oct 13, 2018


Other Developments We Are Following


‘You’re on your own’: US sealift can’t count on Navy escorts in the next big war
More Illegals Having Anchor Babies in LA than Total U.S. Births in 14 States
‘Unimaginable destruction’: Hurricane smashes rows of houses.
America’s obesity is threatening national security, according to this study
Solar-powered drug tunnel discovered on Mexican border with California.
Entire F-35 fighter jet fleet grounded by military after crash in September
Our Goal Is to Horrify’: ISIS Concert Threat Depicts Jihadist with Grenade
Chinese Prof In Child Porn Case Also Under Scrutiny For Alleged Espionage
Group Recognized For Efforts To Thwart Nigerian Email Scams
Pompeo Says No More US Reconstruction Aid To Syria If Iran Stays
DOJ Charges Chinese Spy w/ Attempting To Steal Trade Secrets
Man Gets Probation For Forcing Emergency Landing In Oklahoma
Trump And Trudeau Discuss Border And Terrorism In Phone Call
DOJ IG Fails To Identify Leaker Of Manchester Bombing Report
Sacramento ISIS Suspect Faces Certain Execution If Sent Back To Iraq
DHS Funds Airport Navigation App That Guides You From Check-in To Gate
Trump’s DHS Begins Defense Against Nuclear Bomb ‘Electromagnetic Pulse


Migrant celebrates Swedish citizenship w/ rape: “Now I can do what I want”
Rocket Fails, and American and Russian Astronauts Make Emergency Return
Russia opens criminal probe after rocket malfunction forces emergency landing.
Russia Sends Troops & Missiles Into Libya To Enforce Hold On The West
EU Security Chiefs & Sessions Hold Stadium Terrorism Exercise
Possibility Of Chemical Attack In UK Getting Closer Security Minister
UK Terror Attacks: Report Examines 23 Arrests
Belgium Charges Iranian Diplomat With Planning Bomb Attack
Did Two Russian Spies Who Poisoned Skripals Have An Accomplice?
Closer EU Int’l Cooperation To Fight Hostage-taking, Kidnapping & Terrorism
ISIS Supporters Stopped From Travelling To Syria May Attack UK Instead
At Least 160 Radical Muslims Are Under Dutch Local Authority Surveillance


U.S. Raises Pressure On Saudi Arabia Over Missing Journalist
U.S. Navy returns to Israeli port in sign of ‘deep alliance’
F-22 stealth jets got 587 enemy aircraft to back off in ‘combat surge’ over Syria
Secret deal with Turkey paves way for American pastor’s release
Intel: Why Turkey outed an alleged Saudi ‘hit squad’
Iranians stock up as U.S. sanctions damage Iranian economy
Egypt: Military court sentences 17 to death for church bombings
Ebola could spread from DRC to Uganda, Rwanda, WHO warns
Burkina Faso attacks open new front in France’s anti-terror fight
Libya’s eastern forces arrest top Egyptian al-Qaeda fighter
U.S. Conducts Airstrike In Support Of The Federal Government Of Somalia
Scores Detained In Anti Terror Operations Against PKK’s Urban Wing In Turkey
ISIS Leader ‘orders 320 Of His Followers To Be Killed For Disloyalty’


China’s H-20 stealth bomber to take to the skies soon
China ‘legalises’ internment camps for million Uighurs
U.S. tightens controls on China imports of nuclear components
S. Korea walks back on possibly lifting sanctions on North
China, Russia, DPRK call for adjusted sanctions ahead of denuclearisation
Here’s What Needs to Happen to Stay Out of War With China
Islamist hardliners protest as Pakistan awaits blasphemy ruling
Indonesia earthquake: Search for survivors extended for one more day
North Korea intends to abolish all nuclear weapons, South says
North, South Korea to hold high-level talk next week
Moon Jae-in urges US to declare end of war with North Korea


Antifa Attacks GOP Headquarters in NYC, Warns ‘Merely the Beginning’
Clinton: ‘No civility with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for’
Trump May Not Be Crazy, But He’s Driving The Left Insane
Antifa Website Promotes Home Abortion Classes
Conservative Students Attacked, Threatened over Kavanaugh Posters
Trump Supporters Being Attacked – Montage
Bloody scenes in San Jose as protesters attack Trump supporters outside rally
After Its Kavanaugh Loss, The Left Gets Even More Unhinged
Truck set on fire because of pro-Trump stickers, owner says
Federal Court Orders Hearing Seeking Testimony of Hillary Clinton
Leftist ‘gender studies’ prof arrested for theft of conservative election signs
Dem senate candidate calls Arizona “meth lab of democracy”
Leftist threatens to rape a Conservative woman on camera



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Homeland Security


Since 2015, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has used the National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin to highlight the continuing terror threat to the U.S. Homeland.


PDF (1 pg, 186 KB)
Web Version




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Travel Security

Department of State Seal - ALLOW IMAGES

The U.S. Dept. of State Travel Website is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to do a little research on the security situation at your destination well prior to departure.

Active USGOV Travel Notices

Worldwide Caution



Active USGOV Travel Advisories

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Other USGOV Travel Resources

Traveler’s Checklist

Smart Traveler Enrollment Prog (STEP)

Travelers with Special Considerations

Travel to High-Risk Areas

Faith-Based Travel Information

Information for Women Travelers

Cruise Ship Passengers

Students Abroad

Your Health Abroad

Driving and Road Safety Abroad



Safe Travels During Storm Season

Department of State Guidance

Overseas Security Advisory Council Logo - ALLOW IMAGES

The Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) provides a variety of resources to enhance the safety and security of the U.S. private sector businesses and organizations operating abroad.

Mariners and U.S. citizens considering maritime travel should also review information at the websites of the National Geospatial Agency, the Maritime Security Communications with Industry Portal, and the U.S. Coast Guard for information related to maritime and port security globally.


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is the authoritative federal source for information on current health issues related to specific destinations worldwide. These issues may arise from disease outbreaks, special events or gatherings, natural disasters, or other conditions that may affect travelers’ health.

Foreign Sources of Travel Guidance

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Global Affairs Canada



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Australia Dept. of Foreign Affairs




UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office



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