Your Family Survival Plan – a Review

I decided to write a short review of a program –  Your Family Survival Plan.

This is another one of those products that we’ve all seen advertised on most of the prepper type blog via banner ads in the sidebars, and you probably, just skipped over it without even giving it a second thought. I’ve as guilty as you are for doing this, but recently, I’ve been paying more attention and I’ve even ordered several different programs of this type just to see what all of the hoopla is all about.

There is a total of 210 pages. The sections on food storage looks original, but it’s pretty much the same info that has been repeated in just about every food storage and prepper book ever written. If you’re new to prepping and have yet to store your first can of food in the pantry, then you might find something useful here, but if you’ve been doing this for any length of time then you won’t find anything of much use here…

Same with the sections on survival kits, bug out bags, first aid-kits, bug out vehicles.  The rest of the book is pretty much the same information that you can find in the U.S. Army Survival Manual or other such manual.

Okay, now that we have the negative stuff out-of-the-way, what did I like about Your Family Survival Plan

For one it’s very professionally put formatted, who ever put this program together knew what they were doing – I will admit that I’m a bit envious right now and wishing that I had formatting skills like that. Unfortunately, my formatting skills are on par with a drunk monkey or something similar…

The expert formatting job makes the information, extremely easy to read quickly, and to understand the material. This is a huge plus – especially for new preppers.

When reading some books like U.S. Army Survival Manual, the reader is often left scratching their head in confusion, because the line drawings and descriptions give are hard to understand, unless the reader already has some knowledge of what they are reading.

Thankfully, because of the excellent formatting and more detailed how-to-do-it descriptions in Your Family Survival Plan this isn’t an issue.

Okay, so would recommend that you go out and buy Your Family Survival Plan? That depends. If you’re a new prepper that’s looking for a whole bunch of prepping and survival information that’s put together in an easy, to understand format, then yes, but if you’ve been at this for 20+ years like I have, then you’ll probably be disappointed.

But then there is a full no questions asked 60 day (I think it was 60 days) money back guarantee so if you do decide to take a look and find that it’s not useful to you, then you can get a full refund, so you really can’t lose.

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Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.




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