Get your food storage supply by shopping at salvage grocery stores and save

Prepping tip from Nancy

I live in Watertown, TN and have developed my extensive food storage supply (about 3 years’ worth) by shopping at salvage grocery stores. The best I found is near Elizabethtown, KY run by the Mennonites. Prices are out of sight and they carry many organic products. Examples (King Arthur flour large pkg normally about $5 is around $.85 there, large can of organic tomatoes normally about $3-4 is $.75, 1 lb pkg of wheat pasta normally $2 is $.40 there).

I also shop at the salvage store in Lebanon, TN and Scottsville, TN. There are many others. I go to a variety store in Scottsville owned by Mennonites (not the tourist store but the one the Mennonites go to) – great prices and they will order for me.

I used to buy buckets of wheat berries from Wheat Montana and had to pay shipping, but I order through the variety store and save on that and since they buy from them I get a better price. I also get fresh food from them on all the farms – incredible prices. There is also a large Mennonite community in Liberty, KY.


via: thesurvivalistblog

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